Thursday, May 22, 2014

Mother and I : Haiku

My Heart is My Mum and the Green Cutie..Ah! That's me! :D

Time captures
Blossoming Wisteria as spring arrives
Lumbers now wet

Manuscript arrives —
Archives enveloped in dust
Wrinkles gurgle in laughter

The seed bursts—
The naked people in factories
Soak cotton in blood

Struggling pastures in haste
Let damage be done in sprinkles
Penumbra arrives

The stars glitter in return

Eyes speak of the miles in between

Haiku, is a poetic device that originated from Japan. I have in the above phrases, used both 5-7-5 as well as free verse Haikus. Hope you like them!


  1. Your poetry-writing powers are on a high very high pedestal. In contrast, I am such a poor poet. When it comes to prose, I am slightly better. :)

  2. Your choice of words made me read the poem again and again. Beautiful it is.

  3. So happy you liked it, @Vaishali! Thank you for visiting!

  4. :) Thank you @Ritesh Agarwal hahha...And you mean just better..or better than me haan? :D

  5. From what I have read of you, you are the better poet and I the better prose-teller

    Here, I had written a few words about you

  6. That is a really beautiful poem Priyanka..

    and how come both of you are on the two corners of the pic :)


  7. We're both such 'illuminating' personas..thus the need to 'balance' the picture you see! ;) haha...

  8. But thank you so much for making it a point to visit my posts and like them! We must meet soon. :)

  9. Yeah, seen that when it was posted..well I'll take it up as a gracious opportunity to improve myself. Thanks Ritesh


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